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Planning Donor and Recognition Walls

Creating a donor wall is an exciting project that at first glance, may seem a little daunting. It takes careful preparation and planning, so everyone involved has the same vision in mind. This includes key players in the organization that work with donors directly, as well as representatives from the company responsible for building the donor wall. Start with these four considerations:

planning donor and recognition walls
MetroHealth Wall on Honor

What would you like to accomplish? It’s not as obvious as it sounds. Are you recognizing donors for a specific fundraising campaign or ongoing support? Are there different levels and how will they be set? Will the wall recognize one-time donations or cumulative giving? What is your message to the donors? Does your content echo the rest of the organization in a consistent message? Take time to write a mission for the project so everyone is focused going forward.




Design Elementsplanning donor and recognition walls
How would the donors like to be thanked? Will a traditional wall suffice, or would they appreciate elements of multi-media to share their story or message of support? Consider messaging that corresponds to the theme of the organization. For example, a musical group might name their top donor tier “maestros”, then “first chairs”, “ensemble”, etc. What is the space available for this display? Are there past recognition elements, historical considerations, current themes that need to be incorporated? Are there previous donor walls or interior decor you are trying to match?




planning donor and recognition walls
Benet Academy St. Jude

A budget of 2-4 percent of funds raised can be used for donor recognition, according to industry standards. Remember that your budget should include design, fabrication, installation and marketing costs.






planning donor and recognition walls
King Bruwaert House

Will the donor and/or recognition wall be static or updated periodically? Is this recognition wall a
closed campaign or will it be ongoing?





This information is just a bit to get you started. Planning is essential to successful, harmonious donor wall creation, and we have a wealth of experience in creating donor and recognition walls; as well as innumerable resources to help your vision come to life. Let us know how we can help you!


planning donor and recognition wallsDonor Wall Examples

  planning donor and recognition walls  Recognition Wall Examples

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